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Unicorn Release Parties! 

What: It’s a celebration of recently released songs from Unicorn Sync artists.

Who: Anyone can submit a song that was released this month (or in the last 4 months, but priority goes to songs released in the current month) that they also want Unicorn Sync to sign. To submit a song you need to be a member of our Facebook group. Click here to join.


How: We pick and sign the best 10 songs. We may sign more than 10 but we’ll choose up to 10 to be highlighted at the party. Those whose songs we select pay $10 each so that we have $100 to pay to a music supervisor that we invite to join the celebration. 100% of that money goes towards bringing in a music supervisor (we’re not trying to run a pay-to-play business!), and aside from highlighting your song to them, we’re hoping you’ll make your money back pretty quickly because… 


Musicians whose songs are being presented are encouraged to invite all their friends and families to the lunch time zoom party (12 - 1:15pm PST), and we’ll encourage them to tip you through your Venmo when your song is played. It’s an opportunity for you to celebrate the release of your song with us, your fellow Unicorns and with family and friends, as well as a chance to get your song out in front of people in the sync business.


The whole Unicorn Sync community is invited to hang! We’ll give you a graphic to share with your friends and family and on social media!


At the end of the party we’ll share a Spotify link with all the released songs so that audience members can jam to the songs over the weekend!


After your song is played the music supervisor and the unicorn sync reps (us!) get a chance to say what they liked best about the song (this is a celebration, not a critique). Others are encouraged to chime-in via the chat and put their money where their praise is by tipping the musicians on Venmo.


Why: Because you work so damn hard to make these songs and they need to be celebrated! We’re musicians so we know the drill—you put in hours crafting the songs, producing them, doing revisions, creating the artwork…it can feel pretty anticlimactic after all that for the only celebration to be a post and some likes on social media. We want to give everyone a chance to revel in the beauty of what you’ve made. And whether or not your song gets selected to be featured at one of our parties, now that there’s less pandemic pressure, we hope you’ll consider hosting your own, in-person celebrations when you release your songs! Have friends over, invite them out for a drink, go for a special meal! Sync placements can take years to come through - so make sure you drink in the highs of being an artist right in the moment!!

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